Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Help Wanted?

With the un-employment rate quickly heading towards 9% it is a shock to hear that there is a scarce for manufactures. In this article by James R. Hagergty it says that the retirements from the baby booms generation is the main cause of why they need more workers. Hagergty also mentions that in the U.S. education these days there aren't enough math and science people which is what is needed to succeed in manufacturing. The last reason Hagergty mentions is that the number of U.S. manufactoring jobs is growing, making the demand for math and science people grow larger. Manufactures are in search for talented people who can not only weld but shape metal in a lot of intricate ways. These days manufactures are in low demand for well-talented welders. Back in the day thousands of people would apply for these jobs, and today only ten people apply for manufacturing jobs. When discussing futured with friends eveyone talks about how their math and science people and how they want to be an engineer when they grow up. So they may have a scarce of talented math and science people now, but in a few years the demand for these talented people will go down and the supply of them will go up.

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