Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Small comfort: Gas prices break their streak

Finally, after a more than a month of gas prices rising daily, the price of gas fell one tenth of a cent ($3.984). Over the past couple of months, consumers have been spending thousands of dollars on gas alone, leaving many questioning the future prices on gas. Although this decrease of one tenth of a percent is a change from the constant rising prices, does it provide a sense of comfort for the consumers? Oil is cheaper than gasoline, and when measured, for every $1 of oil a barrel is dropped, 2.2 cents off of gas prices are knocked off. With $10 falling in the stock market of crude oil, gas seemed to have a stand still. As the price of oil lowers, gas should be at ease for a little. Gas is an inelastic demand, though, meaning no matter the change in prices, the demand for Gas will always stay the same. It’s a necessity to the everyday life of a consumer. But this doesn’t stop them from cutting back. If consumers cut back, investors grow nervous and jobs are then lost and economy starts declining. Summer trips planned by families across America are in question to be carried out or not. With gas prices, for the moment, standing still, can there be a short sense of comfort for the price of gas in the future or not? Or will gas continue to rise?

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