Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In-and-Out Burger Baby

“In-and-Out Burger” Is heading for big D town. Over the years the California chain of In-and-Out- has decided slowly but surely to expand it’s horizons to other states. And expanding I meant tip toeing since only three other states, besides California and soon to be Texas, have In-and-Out Burgers; Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. The scarcity of this burger place around America sharply raises it’s demand for these burgers. And when I say sharply, I am probably under exaggerating. The In-and-Out Burger franchise is flying out their top “burger makers,” as they are calling them, to Texas to make sure that the burgers are made correctly. Not only will this increase in jobs around the Dallas area, but also intensify the battle of the burgers. Competition of other burger joints like Whataburger, Mcdonalds, and any other fast food place that sells burgers, will increase dramatically. But, one question does remain. Will this trend of opening and establishing of In-and-Out Burgers happen all over the country? If so, will the demand of burgers from In-and-Out drop to a point that the uniqueness of these burgers are lost?


  1. Chris, I strongly feel that the expanding of In-and-Out Burgers will raise the demand for these burgers simply because once the people who have never heard of In-and-Out Burgers see and taste it for the first time, they will keep coming back for more and spread the word. Fast food places like McDonald's and Whataburger may continue to make big sales based on their originality and consistency, but In-and-Out Burgers is on its way up to the top with the leading burger sellers such as these. Depending on the measure of success it has when it is expanded, this burger joint has the capability of sinking or floating.

  2. I agree, the reputation of In-and-Out is huge and well known across the country. It will dramatically increase the competition as In-and-Out will most likely become very popular. But, as you mentioned, there is that sense of uniqueness that makes In-and-Out so famous. I know people that only eat In-and-Out when they got to California, just because they know they won't be able to have it until they go back. But if there is a restaurant locally, then the demand might slowly decrease. I do not think, however, that the demand will actually decrease, because their are still a lot of people who have yet to try In-and-Out, and these are potential customers that will eventually add to the demand for In-and-Out.