Monday, May 9, 2011

Apple News

 CNN International has declared Apple Inc. to be the world’s most valuable brand. This comes as no surprise to Americans – think to yourself, how many people do you know that have either an iPhone, iPad or MacBook? How many do you know that have two or more of those? Exactly. Apple has become a technological superpower in today’s society whose products have become a mainstay in our daily life. We RELY on our cell phones and laptops in order to communicate, accomplish tasks, gather information or simply to entertain us. Even as I write this, I am using two Apple products, my laptop and iPhone. Part of the reason for Apple’s great success is the physical quality of their computers. Even after years of use, most properly treated Apple products still function the same way that they did on day one. However, what sets Apple apart is not just their hardware, but their software. Apple’s many different operating systems, from mobile to business, are designed to be both easy to use and easy to manipulate, and this truly translates to success for the company. Apple has proven that if you provide an easy to use and semi-affordable computer for the masses, the orders will come.


  1. I completely agree with you. Apple has become the most dominant valued brand. Their products such as the iPhone and the iPad are at the top of the market in their categories. The scary part about it is that they have just begun. The demand for a new Apple product is astonishing compared to Apple's competitors.

  2. It is no doubt that Apple is one of the world’s top brands. Consumers line up to buy the latest Apple product before the product has even been on the market. When Apple comes out with a new product, consumers just simply line up and buy the product with out taking a second glance. Apple has taken over the technological world, as we know it. Apple has phones, computers and more. It is no wonder that they are the world’s top brand. Everyone is rushing to see what the latest Apple product is and when they can buy it. The demand for Apple products is high. Apple has a way of pleasing its consumers with all their products. There seems to not be an Apple product that has been created that has not pleased consumers. Apple’s popularity and quality products have made them a big part of our economy. They create jobs and sell products that help stimulate our economy because people spend money on their products. If it weren’t for Apple then our economy wouldn’t be what it is today.

  3. I agree completely. I personally have become so reliable on my iPhone in everyday life. I find it mind blowing to consider the amount that the demand for Apple products has grow. The demand continues to grow at incredible rate. It is hard to imagine where the demand on Apple products will be several years from now. No other company in the market can compare or compete with Apple. As people continue to demand Apple products Apple will continue to supply. Apple has also done a good job of teaming up with Nike to promote its products. Nike has began making workout podcasts with iTunes as well as make shoes and other items that have enabled people to more efficiently use their iPods while working out. Apple and Nike have collaborated to produce compliment goods. It is a mystery to think about what Apple’s next creative move will be. Since the demand of Apple products has continued to consistently grow in demand the supply of job opportunities has also grown.