Friday, May 6, 2011

Iphone Tracking Your Location

The mixed market of the United States allows choices on nearly every product that we purchase. Nearly every adult in the United States owns some type of cellular device. With the needs and wants of modern Americans, many people take the trade off of size for productivity when it comes to phones. More and more people are starting to use smartphones which are typically larger and bulkier than normal phones. The Apple IPhone is a strong competitor in the United States. Nearly everyone at my school owns an IPhone or some other type of smartphone. Rarely do we worry about our privacy when we use or even hold our cell phones besides simply setting a password for our friends. With Apple’s newer software version 4.3, your privacy may however be at risk. I personally have an iphone, and have never considered trading off my the productivity of my iphone for my personal protection. The 4.3 software according to two data scientists, stores up to one years location and every place where the iphone has been. The marginal benefit of being able to see where your phone has been, possibly from a parents or leaders perspective, my be useful. The marginal benefit however is not worth the privacy invasion, in my oppinion. Apple claims that the new software update should fix this privacy problem. I recommend that all Iphone users update their phone immidiatly so that their privacy is not violated. The incentive of updating your phone is that your privacy will no longer be compromised, according to apple. The competition from Motorola, Nokia, and other companies may use this as a way to sell their products or promote their products supremecy, but the economy will show which will prevail.

George Collins

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