Monday, May 9, 2011

Texas Ranger Season Ticket Prices

A year after the Texas Rangers made their first world series appearance tickets have only increased by less than five percent. The Texas Rangers organization was able to raise the price of season tickets because the increase for demand to see the Rangers play has gone up. The main reason increases for season ticket pricing has only gone up for prime seating locations in the ballpark. However the Texas Ranger organization actually lowered some of the season ticket pricing in some of the non-popular locations. The course of action to decrease the amount one would pay for the “bad” seats and to increase the amount one would pay for the “good” makes more economical sense for the Texas Rangers organization to turn a profit. The strategic move only makes sense for the Texas Rangers organization if people only want to sit in the “good” seats. The only possible way for the new increase in prices could backfire on the organization is if people thought that it would be more of a bargain to sit in the not as good seats for a lesser price, which is highly improbable. Another main reason why the Texas Rangers only raised their prices five percent is because they are trying to increase their season ticket base for the years to come thus giving them a sustainable revenue base. The Rangers are not trying to exploit the new enthusiasm for the team by dramatically increasing prices.

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