Monday, May 9, 2011

LBJ 5 Year Project

Since I live very close to LBJ and use it frequently to get to where I need to go I am pleased to hear they are trying to do something with the traffic problems that occur on an everyday basis. But before things get better they are going to get worse, that of course being the construction being added on to the heavy traffic flow. I think that the new and improved LBJ will benefit not only the traffic flow but the near by business along LBJ, and the construction companies that are supplying the work and materials. This new big project will allow the construction company to hire more workers and supply more jobs. LBJ could have a domino effect on the near by business since the businesses could see more business, the business might have to hirer more workers, thus creating more jobs. The new project on LBJ can be very impactful towards the local economy. However the only hold up with the new project is that it is expensive costing around 2 billion dollars. Now on the flip side this could hurt the economy because this raises the question of how this is going to be paid for. The article says it will be paid for through raised taxes, and tolls along the new freeway. However in the long run, this looks to benefit people more than hurt them seeing that traffic will flow more smoothly bringing twice as many drivers on LBJ prospering near by businesses.

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