Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft May Have More Than Just Word!

Over the best few years, video chat has become increasingly popular. The communication service called Skype has been more popular then ever. People are spending hours and hours video chatting with friends and family who they would not be able to see otherwise. Skype gives its consumers a more personal feel than your average phone does. By using Skype, consumers are able to see the person they are talking to making the service more comfortable because it is most like communicating with someone face to face. Since Skype has become so popular and so powerful, it is no wonder that Microsoft is plans to buy Skype. By buying Skype, Microsoft will be able to better please consumers because the demand for video chat services such as Skype are high. Microsoft will also be able to better compete with Apple and other companies. By buying Skype, Microsoft will be buying and controlling a company that consumers want and use therefore Microsoft will be worth more and their company will be even more successful. Microsoft should buy this service, so they have better control of computer program industry. Microsoft will be worth millions more. They will also be able to help fuel our economy since consumers will want their products. A demand for their products will help our economy flourish.
-Alanna M.

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