Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brazilian Blowouts

            Brazilian Blowouts have been all the rage in the fashion world. This styling technique provides the person with the treatment several months of straight, frizz free hair. Recent studies, however have shown a secret dark side to this treatment. Formaldehyde is one of the ingredients used to straighten hair, and the Brazilian Blowout process exposes both the stylist and the customer to this dangerous chemical. I think that this is definitely a situation where the tradeoffs presented show a clear decision to be made. Before this study was published, there was a large incentive to get a Brazilian Blowout that was sleek smooth hair. But now, that incentive is not enough because the incentive of not getting one is your health.  This could hurt the economy however, because people who had specialized in these blowouts will be getting less income. Then, they will spend less, which will lower GDP. Also, businesses will be spending less because they will not be buying the equipment necessary to provide the service any more, and this will also lower GDP. However, it is necessary to get rid of this service because of the health risks it poses. I do not think that this change will impact the economy severely.

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  1. Alix, I agree that this treatment is logically bad for one to go through because of the serious health risks it poses, but there are many things out on the market that pose serious health risks to people that are still being sold. I admire that you care about the well being of other people and I am totally with you when you say that we should get rid of this service. However, im sure that there are a few people who, despite the health risks, would want to continue to get the treatment. In all fairness, the consumer of the product should have the oppurtunity to decide whether they would like to use it or not.