Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Could Lady Gaga Play a Role In The Economy?

For years and years, society has idolized pop culture icons and music artists. It is no surprise that articles with titles such as Lady Gag to Release New Song are even more popular than ever. Since the music sensations and music industry have so much influence on society, is it possible that they are helping our economy too? The answer is yes. It is no doubt that music icons are helping shape our world’s economy. Consumers want their products and with today’s technology music artists are able to create more than just music. They are able to create revenue by selling goods and services. It isn’t uncommon today to walk into a store and find a shirt with Lady Gaga’s face on it or find sunglasses that are inspired by some of her many music videos. Music sensations like these are helping fuel are economy because people want to buy products that are created by them or inspired by them. Stores selling music inspired clothing and accessories are more popular then ever. This stores help stimulate our economy by selling the products that are inspired by music sensations and the music industry and they are creating jobs. The music industry plays a huge part in our economy because they help sell products that are in high demand and that consumers want to buy.


-Alanna Moore

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